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About us

Established for over 50 years we have a dedicated team of professionals with many years of hosiery and sock knowledge who understand the industry and can help your company achieve results within this exciting market.

Having a centrally managed, global production base it has enabled us to supply the UK market with in excess of 20,000,000 pairs of tights and socks last year.

We work on both a Landed & FOB basis.  All our production sites are listed on sedex as well as having yearly 3rd party audits.  We take our ethical assurance responsibilities and the quality of the products we supply as seriously as you do.

From our sites in Poland, Italy, Portugal, China and Turkey we are currently able to offer additional monthly capacity of over 2,000,000 pairs  depending on the product mix.

Madison’s Product Mix’

  • 1.8 million pairs of ladies socks

  • 14.16 million pairs of ladies tights

  • 1.6 million pairs of childrens tights

  • 1.2 million pairs of mens socks

  • 1.2 million pairs of childrens socks

  • 40k pairs of leggings

Design Facility

We have a fantastic design facility allowing us to offer the perfect handwriting to all customers.  CADs can normally be submitted within 48 hours of a request.

From our 100,000 ft² distribution centre in Leeds, we are able to hold stock in the UK which offers our landed customers great flexibility with stock intake.

We have an onsite labelling facility where we can produce bespoke unit barcode and identification labels along with outer carton labels.

We also boast an industry standard Quality Control laboratory offering Colour fastness to washing, wet & dry rub and  a light box enabling us to check shades under both TL84 (store light) and D65 (day light) and industry standard Cetme machines to measure all aspects of our products.

FOB / Ex Works

As well as landed deliveries out of our Leeds DC, we also offer a FOB / Ex works route for finished product from our sites in Poland, Italy, Portugal, China and Turkey.

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